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Security System Certification Project Start
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    As the expansion of our company,to meet the requirement of development and contact with internation,it is necessary to lead into ISO9001:2008 international standard.After the decision from management in the company,we started ISO9001:2008 QMS from March,2015
    As for our company,after leading into ISO9001:2008,we can:
1、 Raise the management level of enterprise ourself,improve the public relationship and impression of enterprise,increase custmer confidence.
2、 Contact with internation,display the internation accepted sign,guarantee the product quality so as to enter international market.
3、 Encourage staff,improve their quality conscious,build up the recognization culture.
4、 Decrease the defective rate and complainment,reduce cost add benefit.
5、 Improve customers’ satisfaction and reliability, fit the market requirement,satisfy customers’ requirement.
6、 Increase the chance of gaining the preferential credit and insurance policy for enterprise.
7、 Promote positive and long-term development for enterprise.
    The external factors push us to implement the ISO management system,but more basically,it’s the reflection of the urgent hope and determination of company that wants to improve the management level stably.Realizing this aspect,all of the staff in the company reach an agreement that they will carry out and implement the management system completely in work.Thus,this project has been started.
    Apart from the management system,our management decided to carry out ISO141001:2004 environmental management system and OHSAS18001:2004 profession health safety manangement system.The target to promote these is to be responsible for the society,prevent pollution,protect the environment,can raise a sustainable development and concern on the health of our staff,improve enterprise expression. 

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