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List on Agency Share Transfer System
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In October,2014,after cautiousinvestigatingconsultingdiscussing by shareholders of the companymany times,they reached a consensus,decided to start the “List on Agency ShareTransfer System” plan.

The plan is a major leap in the developmentof Supersonic as well as the turning point in the management strategy.It hasbecome a stage which can let Supersonic fly from under aspects:

First,Supersonic has beed fast developedsince established,the performance has had a double growth year by year.To solvethe insufficient capital problem,we need to raise the money urgently,so theplan can satisfy it and be the excellent solution.Second,our company is veryyoung which has some problems in management system.It’s the plan that can leadour company to be operated well,standardize the capital structure,improve themanagement consciousness of staff,strengthen the cohesion and attraction.Third,tolist on the New three board can highly improve the popularity of company whichcan obtain bradn publictiy effect and bring improvement and additive benefiteventually.Forth,accordingto the national economical situation,we are high-tech enterprise,our coretechnology and product are industrial intelligent equipment,suitable for our Industry4.0 development trend.This is a big background.

In November,2014,law office,accountingfirm,securities company visited our company.

In January,2015,shareholder changed,addedthe registered capital successfully,increased to 3.5 million.

In March,shareholder added the registeredcapital again to 5 million.

In April 1,we held the general meeting ofstockholders in ShiJi factory in Panyu district,which meant GuangzhouSupersonic Automation Technology Co.,Ltd was established formally.

On that day,the board of directors held thefirst meeting to vote for the chairmanvice chairman and three directors andother leaders.

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