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Supersonic Participated in GGLB Exhibition
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    Under the hot trend of new energy vehicles,the safety of power battery has been the focus.Also,it’s necessary to improve the safety of lithium battery from the inspection.On June 18th~20th,Guangzhou Supersonic Automation Techology(Simplified as Supersonic below) will bring the newest pole piece surface inspection system for lithium battery(Simplified as LB below) to participate in GGLB Exhibition in Shenzhen Exhibition Center.
    Supersonic has focused on providing the solution which takes robot and visual inspection as the core.
 for automatic line in manufacturing industry,being the professional visual inspection vendor in LB area to develop the visual inpection technology and promote LB.
    “It’s not only the previous manufaturing segment that affects the consistency of LB,but also the inspection.”The chairman of Supersonic Zhang Junfeng thinks that,the inspection of LB pole piece is a very important part in the LB inspection,pole piece’s planeness affects the consisitency and safety of LB.With professional pole piece surface inspection equipment can improve the accuracy on checking the planeness of pole piece and consistency.
    It is reported that during June 16th~18th in the GGLB Exhibition,Supersonic will display the new invented inspection system for pole piece in slitting machine、tabletting machine、lamination stacking machine etc.
“We expect SuperSonic could have a more stable development which can help LB equipment companies produce faster and more accurate equipments.”Zhang Junfeng said frankly.Depending on the stage of this exhibition,he hoped to let more people understand and use advanced pole piece inspection equipment in China.

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